Our History

MacEwen Petroleum Inc. has a rich and exciting history that tells the story of a small oil company that grew to become one of Canada's leading independent petroleum product companies.

The History of MacEwen Petroleum Inc.

The MacEwen of today was founded in 1976 by Allan MacEwen in Maxville, Ontario. The first service station branded with the MacEwen name was in Moose Creek, Ontario in 1979. The success and growth of the company quickly reached Ontario communities because of its personalized business approach.

Local people serving local people - has been part of MacEwen's success now for more than 40 years. With its knowledge of the petroleum, propane and convenience industries, MacEwen has built and sustained strong relationships with customers in Ontario and Quebec based on trust and efficiency.

The success of MacEwen's is also derived from the innovative products it provides. In 1993,  MacEwen was one of the first service station businesses to provide a more environmentally friendly ethanol gasoline to Ontario.

In 2000, MacEwen continued to introduce innovative forms of gasoline with low sulfur gasoline. Today, MacEwen also provides Diesel Exhaust Fluid to reduce toxic emissions.

Since MacEwen opened its first MacEwen convenience store, 2003, in Ottawa we now have 47 MacEwen stores in Ontario and Quebec.

MacEwen Petroleum Inc. is a family business. The MacEwen tradition is to provide local people with personal and reliable products and services - every day.

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