MacEwen guarantees that you and your customers will get the fuel and propane you need, when you need it.

Overview You’ll be glad you chose MacEwen

MacEwen is a company that continues to grow in Eastern Canada. With new locations coming online all the time, our company is vibrant and super-focused on making sure you get what you need. We will never let you down.

A trusted brand

When you work with MacEwen, you’re working with the best. As a family-run company, we focus on dependability and delivering top-notch service.

We believe in community

Key to MacEwen’s philosophy is that we stay local in our business dealings. Being local means we are rooted in the communities we serve. We care what you and your customers think of us.

Many benefits

• Always available
• Reliable prices
• Delivery on time
• Polite, excellent service
• No call centers, just local people

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