Tips for Your Home

Tips for Your Home

Cut Costs and be Environmentally Conscious

At MacEwen Home Comfort, we do our best to
ensure our customers in Ontario are saving money
while being eco-friendly.

Below are a few tips on what you should consider doing in
your home so you can save on your home comfort
costs and be environmentally conscious:


Try some of these ideas

  1. Perform regular maintenance of your oil furnace:
    • Regular oil furnace maintenance can save up to 5% per year on your heating bills;
    • See our Services for more information.


  2. Consider upgrading your furnace if it is 10 years or older to a high-efficiency,"Energy Star" rated oil furnace:
    • Modern oil furnaces can achieve efficiency of up to 85%.
  3. Reduce the size of your fuel nozzle:
    • By de-rating your oil furnace or boiler with a smaller fuel nozzle, and adjusting the air / fuel mixture, you can save up to 15% annually;
    • See our Services for more information.
  4. Upgrade your oil furnace burner:
    • A new burner with flame retention will provide a more consistent, hotter flame, saving you money.
  5. Other factors that can affect your home energy costs are:
    • Insulation;
    • Weatherproofing;
    • Windows;
    • Thermostat settings;
    • Landscaping.

If ever you have further questions about your home, please contact us.

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