Now we offer BOTH furnace oil and propane Home Comfort solutions!pic_roger_truck_DSC_1749

Regardless of how you heat your home - with propane, or furnace oil - MacEwen offers you reliable, on-time delivery at very competitive prices.

What is Propane?

Propane is a source of energy derived from natural gas and petroleum. Propane is a clean-burning and affordable fuel.

How can I use Propane?

Propane is versatile, and has many advantages for homes, business, industry and agriculture. Propane heats water 40 percent  faster than electricity.  No matter the residential, commercial (such as restaurants or warehouses), or agricultural propane application, MacEwen can help!

Residential:                     Commercial:

Heating Commercial Heating
Hot Water Tank Commercial Water Heating
Clothes Dryer Forklift Propane Tanks
Cooking Construction Site Heating
BBQ Agricultural:
Lighting Corn Dryers
Pool Heating Hot Water Tanks
Barn Heating


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What to know about using Propane

It is important to handle propane carefully. Because it is odourless, a sulphur odour - rotten egg smell - is added to help detect any leak rapidly. Your propane system should be professionally inspected at least every 10 years. Whenever you make changes to your system, a new inspection is required.

If a Propane leak occurs:

  • Close reservoir valve to stop the propane feed
  • Do not turn-on lights, or use the telephone
  • Do not use matches
  • Leave the premises
  • Immediately call your propane supplier

For detailed information about Propane energy and use, visit The Canadian Propane Association.


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